Jack O'Connor Sculpture

1924 - 2006

Night God

The jaguar roamed from the tip of South America as far as north as the state of Colorado. Legend has it that the sun was taken in by the jaguar at sunset and given back at sunrise. Likewise it was believed the jaguar escorted the souls to the afterlife. Natives believed by killing a jaguar and eating its heart they would receive its strength and spirituality.

The Night God, an original bronze sculpture by Jack O’Connor, captures the native American spirit of the of the warrior and jaguar. Each bronze sculpture is signed and numbered by Jack O’Connor. This remarkable piece is second of a series of inspirational figures called the Faces of Man. Other pieces include The Olympian and The Guardian.

These original bronze sculptures, are each available in a limited edition of 30 pieces. Each of these original bronze sculptures is available for purchase at this time.

The Night God is for sale at $3000 for those buying directly from this website.

Night God: 18" X 7.5" 18.5 LBS.

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